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Will we see a Dominant David Price in Game two?

David Price is set to take the mound for game two of the World Series and it’s a toss-up of which Price we’re going to get.

MLB: World Series-Workouts David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

David Price is well, hit or miss in the postseason. In his first start of the postseason, he was absolutely horrible. In his start against the Houston Astros in game five, he was lights out. So that leads me to this question, which David Price are we going to get tonight? Are we going to see the horrible version of Price? Or will we see the dominant, lights out Price?

If you’re David Price, you should be confident in your pitching ability and your team’s ability to put up runs for you. The Red Sox were able to pull out a win in game one thanks to Eduardo Nunez, so Price should be somewhat calm. Price doesn’t seem to do well under an excessive amount of pressure. How much more pressure could you get than the World Series?

Let’s take a look at Price’s numbers against this Dodgers lineup. This LA lineup is batting .255 against Price throughout their career. In 98 at bats against Price, the Dodger bats have produced 25 hits, five being doubles and eight being home runs. Price has walked 11 and struckout 20. Price’s kryptonite? Manny Machado. Machado has launched five home runs off of Price with eight RBI’s.

It’s going to be very interesting to see how Price approached Machado tonight. He’s obviously going to be cautious, but will he be too cautious? Would it really be a bad thing to be too cautious? Machado could ultimately be the one to put a rain to his parade.

What David Price do I think we’ll see tonight? I think we’re going to get the lights out guy who can go 6+ innings and allow less than three runs. Price is coming off the huge win to lift the Sox to the World Series so I think he’ll be ready to go in game two.

It would certainly be nice to take a 2-0 series lead heading to LA where the matchup is going to get tougher for the Sox. Price needs to challenge the Dodger bats if he wants a game two victory.

What are you expecting from the Red Sox lefty?