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Get ready for the World Series with updated “I Hate L.A.” shirts

A new take on the 80s classic.

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One of the many storylines that is going to be a focal point of this Red Sox-Dodgers World Series is going to be the sports-related history between the cities of Boston and Los Angeles. The Red Sox and Dodgers don’t have a ton of history, of course, having last met in the postseason way back in 1916 when the Dodgers were known as the Robins and playing in Brooklyn.

That being said, the two cities have plenty of history in basketball. For anyone of a certain age, or if you’re not of a certain age anyone who has family that was at least mildly into basketball in the 60s or 80s, you know of the Celtics-Lakers rivalry. It is the rare rivalry that spans not only coasts but conferences. There was a real hatred between the two sides, particularly in the stands, and a staple of the era in Boston was these “I Hate L.A.” shirts.

Now, as we get ready to face off against a different L.A. team in a different championship, we have a new take on the shirt with a Red Sox twist.

These are hot off the presses from our friends over at Breaking T, and just like all of the other shirts they’ve made for us, they are wildly comfortable. Want one? Grab one by following this link.