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Schedule released for first two ALDS games

We know when they’re playing before we know who they’re playing

MLB: Boston Red Sox at New York Yankees Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

We have to wait until Friday to be able to watch Red Sox baseball again, and we have to wait until Wednesday to even know who they’ll be playing in their next game. However, we do know two things as of now. For one, we know the game is at Fenway Park. That has been clear for a long time now. As of Tuesday afternoon, we also know what time they will be playing. Somewhat unsurprisingly, the Red Sox are going to be in primetime for each of their first two games. On Friday for Game One they’ll start at 7:32 PM ET. Don’t ask my why they have such a randomly exact start time. On Saturday for Game Two, they’ll begin at 8:15 PM ET. Below is the full schedule for all teams through Sunday. Both games will air on TBS.

So, a few things here. For one, it seems like the league would really like a Red Sox-Yankees matchup. That was always obvious, of course, but I don’t think Red Sox-Athletics in primetime would be quite as exciting as Red Sox-Yankees. Secondly, it’s really nice that they won’t be playing in the afternoon on MLB Network like last year. That was Incredibly Dumb. Finally, we won’t know the rest of the schedule until the NL side is figured out. Game Three of the ALDS will be on Monday, but there could be as many as four games that day and as few as three depending on the results of the two NLDS’s. So, for now, we will have to settle for these two start times. See you all Friday night!