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Red Sox swag for the ALCS

Yeah, we’re selling some more stuff if you like stuff.

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Detroit Tigers v Boston Red Sox Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but the Red Sox are heading to the ALCS. So, what do we do now while we wait? We buy stuff to rub it in everyone else’s face that we are Red Sox fans and their team (more likely than not) is no longer playing baseball! With that in mind, let me shill for a minute to give you guys some Red Sox swag for some therapeutic shopping before we all lose our minds for another tense playoff series. If you’re into that sort of thing, of course.

1. Boston Red Sox Stainless Steel Flask

Look, no matter how confident you are in this series you know that eventually you are going to lose your mind with stress during just about every game of this series. That’s just playoff baseball. So, it’d probably be nice to be able to reach into your pocket for some liquid courage. Buy one here.

2. Boston Red Sox New Era Core 49FORTY Fitted Hat - Graphite

I have had this exact hat in my possession for probably half of my life, and it is the classic Red Sox hat to own. It’s also extremely worn out, because despite owning upwards of 25 different hats I wear this one a very disproportionate amount of the time. You can’t lose. Buy it here.

3. Men’s Boston Red Sox Mitchell & Ness Gray Seal The Win Hoodie

This is the best time of your, mostly due to it being the postseason. In addition to the other sports starting and the fact that this is also the best beer season, it’s also the best weather. Hoodie weather! Get yourself a Sox hoodie to celebrate the occasion. Get one here.

4. Boston Red Sox New Era Sport Cuffed Knit Hat with Pom - Navy

The one bad part of this time of year? It means winter is right around the corner. Not only does that mean no baseball, it means freezing weather and gulp snow is coming. Keep yourself warm with the Red Sox winter hat. Buy one here.

5. Mookie Magic

We’ve had this one on the docket since April, but it’s never too late to participate in some Mookie Magic. In fact, I’m wearing this shirt as I write this. Spooky! Pick one up here.

6. Mookie Betts “Mookie” Boston Red Sox Majestic 2018 Players’ Weekend Name & Number T-Shirt – Navy

Want a more traditional Mookie shirt, but not totally traditional? Why not go with the Player’s Weekend jersey? Just, uh, ya know, ignore Boston’s record during these weekends. Buy one here.

7. Boston Red Sox Woven Checkered Tie

Father’s Day is a while a way, but maybe you have a dad’s birthday coming up? Or you’re looking for the most stereotypically disappointing holiday gift for your dad? Look no further. Buy one here.