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Celebrate the Sox’ ALDS win with a “Start Spreading the News” shirt

From our friends at BreakingT!

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The Red Sox completed their incredibly tense and satisfying four-game victory over the Yankees in the ALDS. Somewhat infamously now, Aaron Judge blared “New York, New York” as he walked past the Red Sox clubhouse after the Yankees’ Game 2 victory. Of course, the Red Sox came back and won the next two in the Bronx to clinch the series. Boston’s players didn’t opt to return Judge’s favor after their Game 3 victory, but they made sure the world knew they had heard the music after their lone loss. In their clubhouse celebration after clinching the series, Red Sox players blasted and sang along to the same “New York, New York,” and joy was had by all (except Yankee fans).

Now, thanks to our friends at BreakingT, we have a new shirt to celebrate the occasion. If you haven’t bought one of our shirts before, they are super comfortable. You can trust me. Anyway, buy a shirt and help me buy the new Red Dead game. I need something to do once the offseason hits! You can grab one by following this link.