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MLB Roundup 10/11: Brad Ziegler retires

The former Red Sox reliever hangs ‘em up.

Boston Red Sox v Tampa Bay Rays Photo by Joseph Garnett Jr. /Getty Images

Brad Ziegler announces retirement

Back in 2016, much like this year, fans all around Boston were calling for Dave Dombrowski to acquire a late-inning set-up man. He didn’t make a headline-grabbing acquisition, but as it turns out he made one of his best trades in his Red Sox tenure. Dealing with Arizona, Dombrowski acquired the funky-throwing Brad Ziegler in exchange for Luis Alejandro Basabe and Jose Almonte. To this day, I remain convinced that Dombrowski swindled the Diamondbacks into trading for the wrong Basabe twin. I will never be convinced that this is incorrect. Either way, Ziegler came in and stabilized the eighth for Boston, pitching to a sub-2.00 ERA and somehow striking out over a batter per inning for the only stint of his career. Ziegler only spent a half-season in Boston, but it is obviously what most of us will remember him for. I’m talking about Ziegler because the 38-year-old and 11-year veteran announced on Wednesday that 2018 was his final season in the majors. He’s certainly not going to the Hall of Fame, but Ziegler had a successful career finishing with a 2.75 ERA and 105 saves for his career. Thanks for 2016, Brad.

Kyle Barraclough traded to the Nationals

It is extremely rare for teams to complete trades in October while the postseason is going on, as teams generally wait for everyone to enter the offseason before really starting to prepare for the following season. Someone forgot to tell that to the Nationals and Marlins, though. On Wednesday, Washington acquired reliever Kyle Barraclough from Miami in exchange for international slot money. This does have some effect on Boston, as they are obviously expected to target relief help this winter and Barraclough could have been an option. He was marginally tied to Boston leading up to the trade deadline. Barraclough is a very talented arm and has shown flashes of dominance in the majors, but the righty also has major control and command issues that reared their ugly head in 2018. The Nationals are going to try and weather the expected storm that comes with losing Bryce Harper, and shoring up their bullpen is a good first step. As for Miami, they are going all-in on Cuban prospect Victor Victor Mesa, so acquiring this extra money will help them in that competition.