My Totally Correct Postseason Predictions

It's that time of year again. And for one team, it is the year. Before the season, I was optimistic the Red Sox would win it all, but it was mostly wishful thinking. But now, the Red Sox have just as good of a chance, if not a better chance, as anyone at taking home the Commissioner's Trophy at the end of the month.

My preseason predictions weren't far off, and you can read about that here. To sum it up, I had the Red Sox winning the division despite "only" going 95-67, and then ending up beating the Dodgers in a six-game World Series. That World Series combo is still possible, but I predict a different matchup.

American League

Wild Card Game

Oakland Athletics vs. New York Yankees - Oakland wins "series," 1-0


Cleveland Indians vs. Houston Astros - Houston wins series, 3-1

Oakland Athletics vs. Boston Red Sox - Boston wins series, 3-1


Houston Astros vs. Boston Red Sox- Boston wins series, 4-3

National League

Wild Card Game

Colorado Rockies vs. Chicago Cubs - Chicago wins "series," 1-0


Atlanta Braves vs. Los Angeles Dodgers - Atlanta wins series, 3-1

Chicago Cubs vs. Milwaukee Brewers - Milwaukee wins series, 3-2


Atlanta Braves vs. Milwaukee Brewers - Milwaukee wins series, 4-2

World Series

Boston Red Sox vs. Milwaukee Brewers - Boston wins series, 4-1

Postseason MVP

I'm sure you'd think one of the regular season MVP candidates would win this award, like Mookie Betts or Christian Yelich. But I'm putting my money on Brock Holt as the postseason MVP. Not only has has been hot lately, it always seem like players other than the big names take the spotlight when it matters most.