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MLB Roundup 1/9: Derek Jeter is making himself some money


Miami Marlins Press Conference Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Derek Jeter’s watching his reputation fall apart at record speeds

Most of us around here have never really been huge Derek Jeter fans, though there’s an obligated amount of respect Red Sox fans have shown the former Yankee shortstop over the years. There’s a difference between us hating a Yankee star and the entire baseball world showing disdain for one of the most respected players of his generation. It’s been a jarring transition that has occurred at the speed of light, and it seems as if every story that comes out of Miami ends up hurting his reputation around the league more and more. He deserves it, of course. This time, we learned that with the Marlins latest firesale, Jeter has set himself up for a large bonus if Miami manages to turn a profit. It’s not terribly surprising that an owner would get some compensation for turning a profit. That is their job, after all. However, given the way this has been handled from the moment the winter began and the money Jeter made in his playing days, it’s not great from a public relations standpoint that this tidbit of news made it public. Forgive me if I don’t cry for Mr. Jeter, though.

  • The Tigers are trying to trade old friend Jose Iglesias, who some Red Sox fans are still upset that they traded. The great Iglesias vs. Bogaerts debates of 2013 is one of the greatest of our time. Jokes aside, the Tigers shortstop has turned into a better player than I thought he would and has shown some ability with the stick, though his offense isn’t enough to make him look like an everyday player at all times. Still, I hope he finds a place in which he can stick around for a long time because he’s a ton of fun to watch with the glove.