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Podcast: We just keep waiting

Episode 59 of the Red Seat Podcast is up!

National League Division Series Game One: Arizona Diamondbacks v. Los Angeles Dodgers

Hello and welcome back for another episode of the Red Seat Podcast. This is the show’s 59th episode overall and its third since joining Over the Monster. Today, myself, Matt Collins and Bryan Joiner discuss all that is and is not happening around this offseason. Come listen to our thoughts on the latest news on the J.D. Martinez news and what in the world we think should happen if they don’t sign Martinez. We also discuss the Mitch Moreland signing, the Manny Machado rumors and the 2018 free agency class.

One other note: Last time we told you all that we were still working on getting up and running on the various services with which you’d listen to the show on any number of devices. Well, the bad news is that we are still working that out, but I assure you that plenty of work is going into this. The good news is that we may have that figured out as soon as today or tomorrow, at which point we will be living inside your phones, tablets or other podcasting devices. Come back and check this post for an update on whether or not we are live on iTunes, Stitcher and other platforms.

We are planning to record this on something close to a weekly basis, though the pace may be a bit slower over the next few weeks while the offseason continues to move on a snail’s pace. For now, check out the latest episode below.

UPDATE: We are now, finally, available on iTunes and Stitcher. Search for The Red Seat Podcast and rate and subscribe.