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MLB Roundup 1/4: Eric Hosmer has a second seven-year offer

There is an apparent bidding war on the first baseman.

MLB: Minnesota Twins at Kansas City Royals Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

Eric Hosmer has a second seven-year offer, apparently

All offseason, there has been some stress coming from fanbases around the league about what kind of contract Eric Hosmer is going to get this offseason. In fact, I think it’s gotten to the point that Hosmer may be a little underrated now, though I still wouldn’t be wild about a huge contract for the first baseman. On Tuesday, we learned that he had gotten a seven-year deal from the Padres. Then, on Wednesday, we learned that the Royals may have outbid them with a seven-year offer of their own. It may say something about Hosmer that his old team is willing to pay him for that long, though it may also say something about them trying to save face instead of entering another rebuild. At this point I suspect he’ll end up back in Kansas City and become a lifer for that franchise, though if I was him I’d certainly opt to spent the better part of the next decade with Don Orsillo in San Diego.

  • The Oakland A’s are going to be offering free admission and parking to an April game to celebrate their 50th anniversary. This is a really cool move, and also one that is easier for a team like the A’s to make compared to the Red Sox given their smaller average attendance along with their bigger park. Still, it would be pretty rad to be able to go to a major-league game for free, so if you live in the Bay Area you should take advantage.