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MLB Roundup: Eric Hosmer has a seven-year offer


Arizona Diamondbacks v Kansas City Royals Photo by Brian Davidson/Getty Images

Eric Hosmer has a seven-year offer from the Padres

Yesterday, we learned from USA Today’s Bob Nightengale that the Red Sox have a five-year offer out to J.D. Martinez. In that same report, it came out that Eric Hosmer — a reported former Red Sox target — has a seven-year offer from the Padres. I think this offseason has gotten to the point where Hosmer is now underrated, but there’s just no way I’d be comfortable with anything close to a seven-year deal. That being said, the Padres are starting to get close to the end of their rebuild and they need to make some sort of splash to get their fans back into it. This certainly isn’t the splash I’d be looking to make, but given his reported leadership abilities it makes sense that a young team would be interested in Hosmer. Whatever deal he gets is going to be an overpay, but it’s at least nice to see the Padres making a push for a major free agent. From Hosmer’s perspective, I’m not sure how you could turn down spending seven years in the best weather city in America.

  • Mark Prior has a new job in MLB as he has been hired by the Dodgers to be their new bullpen coach after serving as San Diego’s minor-league pitching coordinator. Prior, of course, was one of the most talented pitchers of the last 20 years but injuries derailed a promising career. It makes sense that teams would want him as a coach, though, even without knowing his personality. Prior had some of the cleanest mechanics I’ve ever seen.
  • Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald got his hands on some projections from the new Marlins ownership’s Project Wolverine, which was their plan when they purchased the club. According to the report, Derek Jeter and company expect to turn a profit and see an attendance increase in 2018. The first part seems attainable because they are trading away all of their financial commitments. The second part, well, good luck.