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Michael Chavis makes the back half of Keith Law’s Top-100 prospect list

He’s come a long way since last spring

Boston Red Sox Rookie Development Program Photo by Craig F. Walker/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

The Red Sox don’t have the strongest of farm systems these days, in case you hadn’t heard, but they do have a couple of top-flight guys and I would imagine that most top-100 lists around the interwebs are going to include two Red Sox players. The first (that I know of) top 100 list was released the morning and it came from Keith Law of ESPN. He hasn’t released the entire list yet, but on Monday morning he unleashed his numbers 51-100 prospects, which can be seen here in its entirety (Insider Only). The Red Sox had one player make this section of his list, with Michael Chavis coming in as the number 76 prospect in the game.

Since this is behind the paywall, I’m not going to give away exactly what Law had to say about Boston’s big breakout on the farm from this past summer. However, I will say that Law seems to be a big believer in the bat, and specifically the power. He mentioned that Chavis got better at using the opposite field more often in 2017, and that was a big reason he was able to make enough contact to show off his raw power and propensity for hard contact on a regular basis. Law also mentions Chavis’ shortcomings and foresees a possible move to first base. In the end, he’s ranked as a solid regular with some upside, which is really incredible given the near-bust status he had been handed prior to last year’s breakout.

We’ll have to wait for the rest of the list to come out before we know what other Red Sox players will be mentioned, even though we all really know. One would assume that Jason Groome is ranked ahead of Chavis, and since he’s not mentioned in this article then he must be in the top-50. Honestly, I’m a little surprised by this. The talent is still huge but I was expecting Groome to be somewhere in the 50’s on a lot of lists this year. Beyond these two, I’d be surprised if we saw another Red Sox prospect on any top 100 list this year.