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Wrapping up Red Sox Winter Weekend

Some of the biggest takeaways from the weekend at Foxwoods

Boston Red Sox Media Availability Before BBWA Dinner Photo by Jim Davis/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

This past weekend was Winter Weekend for the Red Sox, an annual event down at Foxwoods. Fans get a chance to meet and greet with a number of players on the current team and from past teams, both formally at scheduled events and informally at bars and clubs at night. There’s also a big town hall for everyone to attend, and other things that I’m sure I missed. I’ve never been, but it seems like a good time and will probably be something I head down to one of these years. All of the beat writers were there, of course, so if you’re like me and couldn’t make it down there you could keep up with some of the events through the magic of the world wide web. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the big things I noticed, and you can let me know what I missed in the comments.

David Ortiz has a new hair cut, and it’s glorious

David Ortiz has clearly been enjoying his retirement, and before he heads on to his new TV show about finding a new job, he made a pit stop at Winter Weekend. He said many things, but the most important part of his visit was that hair. Good lord.

Andrew Benintendi’s new/old bad hair

Speaking of hair, Andrew Benintendi cut his glorious locks and the entire word shed a collective tear. I know he’s done this before and then grew it back, but I don’t care. This sucks and I hate it and I don’t want to hear any positives about this. I mean, that picture of him doesn’t look like he’s thrilled about it either.

David Ortiz loves Rafael Devers

We’re all (or at least most of us are) very excited about a full season of Rafael Devers in the Red Sox lineup. He was so poised and impressive in his first taste of major-league ball and we saw real potential for a difference-making bat. David Ortiz noticed too, and thinks that he could be an MVP and compared him to himself. Another version of Ortiz? Yes please.

Red Sox are talking to J.D. Martinez

Tom Werner acknowledged that the Red Sox and J.D. Martinez have been in negotiations for a contract. I mean, obviously.

An update on re-naming Yawkey Way

If you recall, John Henry came out last summer and stated that he’d like to lead the charge and get Yawkey Way re-named due to the man it’s named for’s racist history. That hasn’t changed, and the team is in talks with the city to make it happen. Unfortunately for those of you who were hoping that David Ortiz, or any other living player, would get the name, that is not allowed. What a dumb rule, though I supposed it saves us from having to deal with this again if something happens later in someone’s life.


Brock Holt is among my favorite players on the Red Sox so it really pains me to say this. But....what’s going on man? This is one of the most unflattering pictures I’ve ever seen, and Holt should sit out until the Red Sox agree to take this off the internet.

Tyler Thornburg’s surgery souvenir

What the hell?

Craig Kimbrel’s scary winter

Craig Kimbrel recently had a baby, and there have been some complications with his daughter’s heart. Apparently, he’s known about this since the summer, before she was born, and has kept it quiet. Obviously we are all hoping for the best for the Kimbrel family.

Chris Sale’s theory for his late-season struggles

Chris Sale wasn’t quite himself over the final month of the 2017 season, and he believes it’s because he came into camp last year too amped up. He and the team are planning to slow down that action this year. I’m not entirely sure I buy this, since he’s had late-season struggles in other seasons of his career where he was not trying to make a good first impression to the Boston media and fans.

Drew Pomeranz would sign an extension

Pomeranz is about to be a free agent after this coming season, and he’s improved his stock dramatically over the last couple of years. If he has another good year in 2018, he is going to get paid next winter. There’s a chance he’d sign a long-term deal with Boston before that, though. So, keep an eye on this as the year goes on.

Dana LeVangie has ideas for Rick Porcello

This is exciting, but also, Dana, my man, couldn’t you have made these suggestions during the 2017 season even if you weren’t the top coach on the pitching staff?

Blake Swihart has something to prove

If we’re taking early bets on who will be the story of spring training, I’d be putting some of my hard-earned cash on Swihart. The former top prospect is healthy and wants everyone to know it. I’m not sure this goes as we all hope, though I’m as excited as anyone to watch it unfold.

Rick Porcello is also working out with Chris Sale and Jason Groome

And also the beard, which is a nice beard.