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MLB Roundup 1/22: Yu Darvish has an offer from the Brewers

Though he still hasn’t signed, because we’re in purgatory

MLB: World Series-Los Angeles Dodgers at Houston Astros Pool Photo-USA TODAY Sports

A formal offer has been extended from Milwaukee to Yu Darvish

Like every other major, non-reliever free agent this winter, Yu Darvish is still waiting to sign. With him specifically, his poor run in the postseason has likely only exacerbated all of the other factors that are making this winter such hell. Teams might be a little wary of giving him big money after he struggled so much the last time they saw him, particularly combined with some additional injury risk. That being said, he’s obviously among the most talented pitchers in the game and eventually someone is going to get the right atop their rotation, likely at a steal. It’s been my fear for the last few weeks that the Yankees would be that team, and that could still be the case. However, on Monday we learned that the Brewers had made a formal offer according to Yahoo Japan and confirmed by Ken Rosenthal. This is...awesome. Milwaukee is a good, fun team who could really use a move like this to put them over the top. They’re not usually players in free agency, but this is the point on the win curve where you can most justify making a big splash. I hope this happens, for reasons that both help the Red Sox (keep Darvish over in the National League) and that help baseball (fun teams whose fans don’t get to enjoy big signings very often getting a true star). Because of all this, expect Darvish to sign with the Yankees at some point this week.

  • We might not be done with the Bartolo Colon era in baseball, as Ervin Santana hinted that the big fan favorite and the Mets could be working towards a reunion. Colon will almost certainly have no impact on the 2018 baseball season, but it seems as if his real goal is to become the all-time wins leader among Latin American-born pitchers. He’s six wins shy of Dennis Martinez’ record.
  • This isn’t baseball related, and I’m sure many of you hate either football, the Patriots or both, but I should mention that the Pats are going back to the Super Bowl, and that’s pretty rad. Head on over to Pats Pulpit for more.