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MLB Roundup 1/21: Josh Donaldson wants to stay with the Blue Jays

Not great news for the Red Sox.

MLB: Toronto Blue Jays at Boston Red Sox Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Josh Donaldson is willing to sign an extension with the Blue Jays

As a Red Sox fan, one of the big perks of next winter’s free agent class beyond the chance for Boston to sign a new superstar was that a couple of stars could potentially leave the division. One of those is Josh Donaldson, who has been tearing it up ever since he got to Toronto a few years ago. Well, he may not be ready to leave after all. Although most of the stars slated to hit the market next year are not looking at extensions, Donaldson said he’d be “tickled pink” to stay in Toronto, and hasn’t wavered from that stance. Although the Blue Jays have Vlad Guerrero Jr., one of the top prospects in baseball and a third baseman, coming up relatively soon, it’s hard to see them turning down a chance to keep their best player in recent memory on the roster. We may not be rid of Donaldson after all.

  • Speaking of star American League East third basemen, we had more Manny Machado rumors recently. Granted, they weren’t the most exciting of rumors, but it’s something in this desolate winter. Apparently, Baltimore and Cleveland have talked about a Machado trade, and while talks aren’t active they could pick up again. Machado leaving Boston would be great, but going to another AL contender wouldn’t be.