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American League Playoff Update: September 20, 2017

The Yankees win. Again.

Minnesota Twins v New York Yankees Photo by Adam Hunger/Getty Images

With the minor-league season over and our typical 8:00 AM slot suddenly open, I figured it would be worthwhile to take a quick daily look at how the playoff picture has changed in the American League on a day-to-day basis. This will be nothing fancy. Just a look at how playoff contenders did on the day, how it affected the standings and what it means for the Red Sox. I’ll consider any team within five games of a playoff spot as a postseason contender.


NYY 5, MIN 2

BOS 1, BAL 0

TOR 5, KC 2

CHC 2, TB 1

HOU 3, CHW 1

CLE 6, LAA 3

TEX 3, SEA 1

Playoff Odds

Team Fangraphs Baseball Prospectus
Team Fangraphs Baseball Prospectus
Red Sox 100.00% 100.00%
Indians 100.00% 100.00%
Astros 100.00% 100.00%
Yankees 100.00% 100.00%
Twins 65.10% 67.40%
Angels 28.50% 25.20%
Mariners 1.90% 3.10%
Royals 1.80% 1.40%
Rangers 2.00% 1.70%
Rays 0.70% 1.00%

Division Odds

Team Fangraphs Baseball Prospectus
Team Fangraphs Baseball Prospectus
Red Sox 91.30% 84.10%
Indians 100.00% 100%
Astros 100.00% 100%
Yankees 8.70% 15.90%
Twins 0.00% 0%
Angels 0% 0%
Mariners 0% 0%
Royals 0% 0%
Rangers 0% 0%

Playoff Picture Update

Not too much is changing in the American League playoff picture. The Red Sox and Yankees both keep winning at the exact same pace, and neither side can seem to change that three-game separation between the two. As for the second wildcard, it doesn’t appear that anyone wants it. The Twins have now lost two in a row, but the Angels couldn’t take advantage of that last night. The only team that is even mildly hot in that race is Texas, and they remain 3.5 games back. Los Angeles is still the best bet to catch Minnesota at just 1.5 games back.