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Daily Red Sox Links: David Price, Dustin Pedroia, Blake Swihart

Today’s links look at how the Red Sox can win the World Series, David Price’s standing with the fans, and Joe Kelly proving himself.

Boston Red Sox v Tampa Bay Rays Photo by Joseph Garnett Jr./Getty Images

Matt Kory takes a look at what will need to happen if the Red Sox are to make a run at the World Series. (Matt Kory; BP Boston)

If David Price pitches well out of the bullpen in the postseason, fans will stop hating him, right? RIGHT?! (Chad Finn;

The Red Sox are making sure Dustin Pedroia stays healthy, which is great. However, while Eduardo Nuñez remains out that means we’ll be seeing more of Brock Holt than many would like. (Jason Mastrodonato; Boston Herald)

Joe Kelly is proving himself in this most important part of the season. (Tim Britton; Providence Journal)

It took extreme situations, but Blake Swihart finally got back on a major-league field on Friday and he’s happy to be back. (Peter Abraham; Boston Globe)

Sean McAdam has a few thoughts after Sunday’s loss in Tampa. (Sean McAdam; CSN New England)