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Red Sox 2018 schedule released

We’ve learned when and who the Red Sox will play in 2018

MLB: St. Louis Cardinals at Boston Red Sox Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

On Tuesday, MLB released the schedules for the 2018 season, and obviously that includes the Red Sox schedule. It’s always a little bit strange to me that this is released while the 2017 season is still happening, but we are complex human beings with large brains. We can concentrate on two things at once. You can view the entire schedule below, and I’ll have a few notes on it afterwards.

  • The Red Sox start their season on March 29, the earliest they’ve begun a season since they went to Japan to kick off their season back in 2008. Because they’re starting the season so early, they are going to be in Florida for the first five games of the year with three in Tampa and two in Miami.
  • The home opener will be on April 5 against the Rays. Because they try to schedule a day off after the home opener in case of a rainout, the Red Sox have a rare Friday off-day on April 6.
  • Boston doesn’t really have any terrible west coast trips this year. They only go out west for more than one series once, and that comes in the third week of the season. At that point, they play the Angels and Athletics. Their trip to Seattle is sandwiched by a trip to Baltimore and one to Minnesota. Meanwhile, their Texas and Houston trips are isolated. We all know how killer those west coast trips can be, so this is an important development for the Red Sox.
  • Part of the reason they won’t have to travel too much is that their interleague slate is the National League East. That includes their first ever visit to the new SunTrust Park in Atlanta as well as a trip to Washington DC for Independence Day.
  • The final series of the season will be against the Yankees at Fenway Park. If next year is anything like this one, that will be a fun three-game set.