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Red Sox vs. Blue Jays lineup: The good news is that someone has to win

It’s Drew Pomeranz vs. Marcus Stroman up north.

Boston Red Sox v Cleveland Indians
Just Dwew it.
Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

Things aren’t great! The battered-by-Baltimore Bosox (73-57) take on the battered-by-baseball-Blue Jays (61-69, nice) north of the border tonight at 7:07 p.m. in a marquee pitching matchup: Drew Pomeranz (3.18 ERA) vs. Marcus Stroman (3.17 ERA). On the offensive side -- emphases on offensive — Hanley Ramirez has been dropped to seventh in the batting order due to his prolonged slump, and Brock Holt \o/ is back in the outfield again, so mentally prepare yourself for all that comes with that. The Sox really will be okay, but a loss tonight wouldn’t exactly just roll off the shoulder, either. Big game! Here are the full lineups:

Game 131, August 28, 2017 at Blue Jays

Batting Order Red Sox Blue Jays
Batting Order Red Sox Blue Jays
1 Eduardo Nunez, 2B Steve Pearce, LF
2 Andrew Benintendi, CF Josh Donaldson, 3B
3 Mookie Betts, RF Justin Smoak, 1B
4 Mitch Moreland, 1B Jose Bautista, RF
5 Xander Bogaerts, SS Kendrys Morales, DH
6 Rafael Devers, 3B Kevin Pillar, CF
7 Hanley Ramirez, DH Darwin Barney, 2B
8 Sandy Leon, C Ryan Goins, SS
9 Brock Holt \o/, LF Raffy Lopez, C
SP Drew Pomeranz, LHP Marcus Stroman, RHP