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FanPost Friday (On a Saturday) - What’s Your Nickname?

In honor of Player’s Weekend, I wanted to do something fun, and give the community a chance to talk about themselves.

Boston Red Sox v Cleveland Indians
What’s your nickname? Chris Young is going by CY, and Eduardo Nunez is going by Nunie.
Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

Player’s Weekend is here, and it’s really cool. For the weekend, everybody will be wearing special jerseys with patches thanking loved ones. More noticeably, a large majority of players are choosing to go by a nickname. For example, David Price is going by the nickname “Astro’s Dad”, which is so adorable, I might actually die.

None of us (presumably) are major league players, so odds are, none of us will be wearing a custom jersey this weekend, in celebration of the joy of being a child growing into the game of baseball.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun too, here’s our prompt:

What would be your nickname for player’s weekend?

It obviously has to follow site rules and be appropriate. If an unsupervised child stumbling upon your nickname would scar them for life, simply change it.

Let’s have a fun weekend!