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Red Sox 4, Indians 5: A bonkers loss, told through tweets

The bullpen blows it on a weird night in Cleveland.

MLB: Boston Red Sox at Cleveland Indians
It wasn’t great times.
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Why bother writing a recap when you’ll do it for me? To the tweets!:

(Editor’s note: He got one in the first.)

(It wasn’t; he walked, making it two on with one out.)

A personal note to one of my good Twitter pals:

(He had robbed Nunez on a rope.)

(He struck out.)

(He called him out on strikes.)

(That was the third out. Top of the fifth forthcoming.)

(It was on a Benintendi popup behind the plate. Grrr.)


(The call was overruled, and he was safe.)

Hooray. Clevinger was yanked after that.


Good to know. Back in Cleveland...

(It wasn’t this at-bat!)

Whoops, wrong Christian Vazquez. Let’s try again.

Darnit! JBJ grounded out, too, and Nunez K’d. Which brings us to this Twitter bot, which Knows Things:

That was between their strikeouts. Creepy. Speaking of Nunez...

4-3 headed to the bottom of the sixth, btw, Eddy still on the bump.

Sigh. Stick to sports, right? Aye aye, cap’ns:

PROGRAMMING NOTE: Since there was a delay and Miller was pitching, I decided to go outside for none of your damn business, expecting to come back to the Indians back at bat after the long umpire switch. NOPE! Miller walked Betts then got hurt, forcing the Indians to bring in Dan Otero. To wit:

Now we continue:

Heh. Barley indeed, with hops and malts. Mops and halts. You’re not going to believe this, but I missed the last at-bat, and the next two went by very quickly and were good for the Red Sox. Here’s a relevant summary:

They are. They are.

Here is some irrelevant shit:

Back to action:

And then, quickly, Jose Ramirez strikes out and Edwin Encarnacion singles to left, scoring a run and presenting Andrew Benintendi with a chance to make a huge boner, and he delivered, throwing the ball home instead of stopping the runner at third with less than two outs. Boner!!!

Robby Scott’s pitching, by the way, with runners on second and third with one out.

Chris Young came on to run for Vazquez when the count on JBJ was 3-0; weird as hell, man. JBJ flied out. Then:

He really does pop up too much.

What happened was: Perez bunted, Brock Holt charged and tried to get the runner at third and threw the ball away, and that was that. The end.

Wait, what?