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Red Sox-Indians series finale has been postponed

They will play on August 14

MLB: Cleveland Indians at Boston Red Sox Paul Rutherford-USA TODAY Sports

There will be no baseball on Wednesday, because weather is stupid. It took the two sides over two hours to come to this decision, but they finally decided they wouldn’t be able to get this game in. Instead, they will make the game up on August 14, which is a mutual off-day for both teams.

This was one of two mutual off-days for the two sides, but this one made the most sense. The Red Sox will be travelling from New York back to Fenway on the off-day, while Cleveland is in between trips to Tampa and to Minnesota. First pitch for the game will be at 6:10. Presumably, it’s an earlier start to accommodate Cleveland’s travel to take on the Twins. They couldn’t start the game too early, though. The Red Sox take on the Yankees on Sunday Night Baseball the night before, and we all know how long those can last.

Anyway, enjoy the rest of the night off. We’ll hopefully be back in action tomorrow for the series premiere against the White Sox.