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Game 105 Gamethread: Red Sox vs. Royals

Things are not good for the Red Sox. The good news is that the night is always darkest before the dawn. The bad news is that in a time of eternal darkness, it's probably going to be dark before it's....still dark. I don't know. It still feels to me that the Red Sox are about to pull themselves out of this slump, but I have nothing to base that off besides me just trying to make the best out of this, I guess. Also, the hitters are really talented even if that hasn't been proven true of late. I guess. I don't know. Hopefully they can get it going against Trevor Cahill, who has had an outstanding season but also has done so in San Diego. This is his Royals debut, so let's go ahead and welcome him to the American League in the rudest way possible. Okay? I don't know.

Go Sox!