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FanPost Friday : Deadline Predictions

The trade deadline is almost here.

Miami Marlins v Texas Rangers
Yu Darvish could be making his exit from Texas in the coming days. He’ll be a free agent at the end of the season.
Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The trade deadline is my favorite time of the year, or is one of the Big Four of special events I absolutely pay all of my attention to. Right next to the draft, the Winter Meetings, and the first day of Spring Training, there’s just no greater time of year for me. These events all have one thing in common: implications on the upcoming roster. With the draft, you add players who may be on the roster in half a decade. With Spring Training, you get a look at prospects who may be with the team in the coming year. With the Winter Meetings, there’s always a buzz to be had, as players, agents, and GMs have easy access with each other to make moves in a convenient location at a convenient time.

But none of these are anything like the trade deadline. Unlike with the draft, Spring Training, or the Winter Meetings, the trade deadline has instant, immediate ramifications for all teams involved. Any player acquired between now and the deadline will have 50+ games to make an impact. With 50+ games to make an impact, a team could get the added boost they need to not just make the playoffs, but make it in a favorable position.

With the deadline around the corner, there are a lot of potential moves that could implicate the Red Sox season alone, to say nothing of their effects on the entire league. If the Yankees pull off a trade for Sonny Gray, with how close the teams are in the standings, the Red Sox may find themselves competing for one of two wild card spots. If the Twins decide to sell off Ervin Santana or the newly acquired Jaime Garcia, the potential competitors for the 3 spots the Sox can contend for shrink in number.

So I ask for this special edition of FanPost Friday:

What moves do you think will be made at the deadline? Or what moves should be made?

These moves do not have to include the Red Sox. It would obviously be nice to believe we’ll do something exciting at the deadline, but it’s possible our best move is to not make a trade at all. Big movers that could be had in the next couple days are Sonny Gray, Yu Darvish, Justin Verlander, and Justin Wilson.

Tell us about it in a FanPost!