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Baseball America releases updated top ten Red Sox prospects list

How the farm system looks at midseason

Bryan Mata; Photo Courtesy of Kelly O’Connor/

For the last week, Baseball America has been unveiling its updated midseason top ten prospect lists for teams across the league. The Red Sox were the last team to have their list revealed, but it was eventually unveiled on Tuesday afternoon. The post is behind a paywall so I won’t reveal too much of their analysis, but here is the list.

  1. Rafael Devers
  2. Jason Groome
  3. Michael Chavis
  4. Sam Travis
  5. Bryan Mata
  6. Tanner Houck
  7. Cole Brannen
  8. Josh Ockimey
  9. Mike Shawaryn
  10. Alex Scherff

There aren’t too many surprises here, as the top four has become something of a consensus as the year has gone along. Some still swap Chavis and Travis, but the former has separated himself enough that most see him as the better prospect at this point. It’s no surprise at all that Baseball America has him here, either, considering they have been the only publication to this point to include the third baseman on a top-100 list.

Coming in at number five is Mata, which is the highest I’ve seen the young righty ranked to this point. Honestly, considering how well he’s performed in full-season ball at such a young age, I was surprised more people aren’t this high on Mata.

Beyond the Chavis/Travis ranking and Mata’s, the only other notable rankings are those of the recent draftees. Houck, unsurprisingly, leads the group. Although I’ve seen some publications put Scherff ahead of Brannen, Baseball America leans towards the second round pick by a large margin. It’s also notable that Daniel Flores — the recently signed international amateur free agent — is not on this list. It could be that they aren’t listing July 2 signings from this year, but that’s not mentioned in the post.

Along with the top ten, Baseball America also lists Tzu-Wei Lin and Darwinzon Hernandez as risers with Bobby Dalbec, Travis Lakins and Trey Ball as fallers.