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Rafael Devers, Jason Groome land on MLB Pipeline’s top 100 prospects list

The usual crew is on the list.

Boston Red Sox Photo Day Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

MLB Pipeline released their midseason top-100 prospects list on Monday, and just like the many other lists that have been released, the Red Sox find themselves with two prospects on it. Heading that duo is, of course, Rafael Devers. The third base prospect who is set to make his major-league debut on Tuesday, comes in at number four on their list between Gleyber Torres of the Yankees and Victor Robles of the Nationals. It’s just the latest list to consider Devers among the elite in the game.

Groome’s status among evaluators has been more varied, which makes plenty of sense. Everyone agrees that the ceiling is there, but the question of how likely it is that he’ll reach it brings different answers from different people. Considering his professional career got off to a late start thanks to an injury that the organization took its time with this year, along with some inconsistency with his performance since coming back, it’s understandable that there are different views of his prospect status. MLB Pipeline has him as their number 48 overall prospect between Kyle Lewis of the Mariners and Anthony Alford of the Blue Jays.

Perhaps more interesting than these two being placed on yet another top-100 list — that’s the case on every top-100 list — is MLB Pipeline’s new top 30 list for the Red Sox organization. I won’t run through the entire thing and you can check it out for yourself by following the link above, but there are some interesting things that stood out to me. For one thing, the five, six and seven spots are all taken by players who just entered the organization this summer in Tanner Houck, Daniel Flores and Alex Scherff. I also think it’s interesting that Mike Shawaryn is up to number eight on the team’s list while Shaun Anderson is all the way down at number 18. I think most are starting to move Shawaryn slightly above Anderson, but that is a larger margin than I ever expected to see. I’d also opine that Jalen Beeks deserves to be higher than 20 on this list.

How about you? What stands out about this list in your eyes?