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Pablo Sandoval designated for assignment

If you had today in a “When does Panda get the axe?” poll, go get your money.

MLB: Boston Red Sox at Philadelphia Phillies
Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports


The day is finally here. We won’t have Pablo Sandoval to kick around any more. Today the Kung Fu Panda was designated for assignment, presumably to the spirit realm, ending a disastrous 2.5-year stint in Boston that will nonetheless keep him quite rich:

Get that money, sir. Sandoval was set to come off the disabled list, and Boston wasn’t having any of it and finally cut bait. It was a long time coming, and while it always seemed bad, the Sox weren’t the only ones who talked themselves into him in 2013, just the best at it:

The Red Sox have 10 days to trade or release Sandoval (so, the latter), who hit .237/.286/.360 over 161 games with the team and .212/.269/.354 this year, both of which were very bad! He was also terrible on defense and on the bases, because he has always been well-rounded.

Twitter was happy:

In most cases I would consider this piling on, but there hasn’t been a lick of real news for days, so crazy, Red Sox Nation. Get ready for the Todd Frazier show, maybe? Share your Sandoval lowlight below. Happy Monday!