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Watch Joe Kelly hit 104 miles per hour

The converted starter may have found a home in the bullpen.

MLB: Chicago Cubs at Boston Red Sox Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Joe Kelly was never remarkable with the St. Louis Cardinals. He was a solid young pitcher who wasn’t as valuable to the team as Michael Wacha, Trevor Rosenthal, and Jaime Garcia at the time of the John Lackey trade.

According to eFastball, Kelly’s pitch last night, reported at 103 MPH, would slot in at somewhere after the fourth fastest pitch ever thrown (remember Joel Zumaya?) in Major League Baseball, depending on where the decimal point falls. The NESN feed clocked Kelly’s offering to Aaron Judge at 104 MPH while the Yankee Stadium radar gun put it at “just” 103 MPH.

Somehow Judge fowled that one off.

Of course, maybe it wasn’t record-setting after all. But we won’t let facts get in the way of our good time. It’s been a fun year to watch Joe Kelly throw hard.

h/t reddit user plepleus for the video footage.