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Don Orsillo will call a Red Sox game and set everything right in the world

Boston’s favorite dentist, lamp admirer, and pizza throwing expert is behind the mic for one night only.

MLB: Baltimore Orioles at Boston Red Sox Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

Mark your calendars ladies and gentlemen: Don Orsillo will be calling the Red Sox game when they face the Astros in Houston on Saturday June 17th at 8:15 PM EDT on FOX. He won’t be reunited with his legendary partner Jerry Remy but Announcer Boy will ride again calling his hometown team!

It’s not a home game, so he won’t be visiting Fenway Park, but that almost makes it better: every Sox fan tuned in to the television broadcast will be greeted by their old friend.

For a bit of that old Donny charm, here’s one of his many unforgettable moments to whet your whistle: the arrival of a lamp.

Won’t it be nice to see and hear Don Orsillo again?