I believe that the red sox will draft Nick Allen

Nick Allen is a short short stop, measuring just a little more than one Dustin Pedroia in height, who shows excellent range and a swing that regularly hits baseballs in batting practice. I'll be honest, I watched the scouting video, but I'm not a great judge of how projectable a prospect's swing might be. What I do know is that he fits with the team's general preference for drafting players who are smaller than average and play up the middle. Add to that his youth and the likely need for extended development, and he seems like a guy who will fall to the end of the first round. He just seems like a project that the sox can pick up now and watch developing for the next four to six years until their current crop of middle infielders might need replacement. Most of the other bargains at this part of the baseball america prospect list are either college relievers or named either Jeter or Bubba. While there's some troll value in drafting a toolsy shortstop named Jeter and suiting him up against the Yankees I think Allen fits the profile of a Sox draftee just a little better.