I believe the Red Sox will draft Tanner Houck

The Red Sox tend to look for upside with their first round picks. Benintendi is the only pick in recent years that really fits as a "floor over ceiling" prospect and even he had a high ceiling. As a result, I think the Sox look toward Houck.

Baseball America projects Houck to the Sox at 24, and a few other sources have him in a similar range. Houck is a college pitcher, which would denote a shift in philosophy for the Sox, but given that the Sox selected a college hitter in Benintendi, I think they may still make the decision to target Houck, a righty with a strong fastball and a developing sinker that scouts really like.

Houck had a poor SEC tournament at Missouri, and his stock has been falling as a result. Most still have him going a few slots ahead of Boston, but I think he ends up here. It wouldn't be the first time that the Sox landed a player later than expected in the first round (Groome, Chavis).