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2017 OTM Draft Contest - FanPost Friday

I know, it’s Monday, but this is the best time to put this week’s FanPost Friday.

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MLB First Year Player Draft Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

You might have noticed that we didn’t run FanPost Friday this weekend. That was not a mistake. Rather, we have decided that this week’s FanPost prompt needed to begin on a Monday, for a very specific reason.

The 2017 MLB Draft begins on June 12th, a week from today. This is a very exciting time for everyone, and it’s a time of year in which everyone loves to talk about prospects, who we should draft, and all sorts of odds and ends. The MLB Draft is one of my four favorite times of year, along with the Trade Deadline, Winter Meetings, and Opening Day.

This year, for the MLB Draft, we’ve come up with a special contest that will coincide with FanPost Friday. We’re going to put your prognostication to the test, and ask you to tell us which player the Red Sox will draft in the first round. Not the second, or third, or any other round, but the first round only.

Here are the rules. If you want to have an official entry, and be entered to win the Grand Prize (1), then you must follow ALL of these rules. If you do not follow all of these rules, your entry will be considered invalid.

  1. You must title your FanPost either “I believe the Red Sox will draft (INSERT PLAYER NAME HERE)”, with you replacing the (INSERT PLAYER NAME HERE) with the name of the player you believe the Red Sox will draft in the first round of the 2017 First-Year Player Draft. Additionally, this FanPost must be on OverTheMonster.
  2. Tell us why you believe the Red Sox will, can, or should draft this player, or all three, if you can. We want to hear specific reasons for the draft pick, beyond “I think they will draft Jake Burger because Jake Burger is a good player.”
  3. One pick, per post, per person. You do not get to say the names of every player available. You do not get to post multiple posts. Each person gets exactly one entry into this contest, in the interest of fairness. If someone is found to break these rules, their entry will be invalidated.
  4. First come, first serve. I only have one prize I’m allowed to give out, and thus, only one person, if any, can win. The first person to claim a player (in a FanPost, following all the above rules) gets that player for the sake of the contest. If someone writes a FanPost about Jake Burger, and three other people do as well, the winner will be the writer of the first Jake Burger FanPost to be submitted.
  5. There are no other prizes. Seriously, there’s only the singular Grand Prize. The prize, by the way, is a copy of the 2017 Baseball America Prospect Handbook. As for how the prize will be delivered, there are a few options we can outline, with the winner, at the time of their victory. Winners will be messaged in private. If no response is gathered, there will be a second message. If there is still no response, I will attempt to contact the user on other private mediums (email/twitter/etc, if available). Following this third attempt, there will be no further attempt to reach out. If you believe you have won, make it possible for me to contact you.
  6. There is a possibility no one will win. If nobody chooses the correct player, then nobody will win. There is no consolation for being the closest to getting the pick right, nor is there a consolation for picking a player that gets drafted in the second round. The player must be selected, by the Red Sox, in the first round of the 2017 Rule 4 Player Draft of Major League Baseball.
  7. All entries must be dated after the publishing of this post, and before 10 PM ET on Sunday June 11th, 2017. Any post a minute after will not count, so get it in as soon as possible, to guarantee your entry qualifies.

Because this is a potentially tricky FanPost prompt, with a lot of rules, we’re going to change one thing up for this week. The comments section will be open to questions, that will be answered by myself or Matt Collins. The comments section is NOT a place for you to claim a player, or make your write up. The entry only qualifies if it is a FanPost on OverTheMonster, and it follows all of the above guidelines.

I’m fairly certain that is all that I have to say, but I’m looking forward to seeing how this contest plays out. Hope to see some great FanPosts!