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FanPost Friday - Midseason Impressions

We all have an opinion.

Minnesota Twins v Boston Red Sox Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images

After Saturday’s game the Red Sox will have played game 81 of their 2017 season, making it the official halfway point for the team. At this point in the season, what is, typically will be. Players will go on extended cold and hot streaks, but if a player is struggling this late into the year they will continue to struggle. Injuries and other circumstances can change that, of course.

So today, I ask my fellow fans:

What do you think of this team at midseason? What strengths have you observed? What weaknesses can be patched? Do you think somebody needs to step up? Tell us why you believe the story of the 2017 Sox has gone the way it has.

Obviously, third base is the hot button topic that’s been discussed to death, so I’d like to avoid the obvious “third base sucks” tagline. We all know it sucks, it’s not a secret. Instead, do you think we need another starter? A particular free agent? To sell off all our assets before the deadline? To buy assets before? What relatively obscure changes do you think need to be made? Is it as simple as a lineup order change?

You can discuss third base if you believe there’s a new solution, or one that isn’t as clear, but otherwise, tell me more about the team in general.