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Don Orsillo goes fishing, tells whale of a tale

The man is an absolute joy to listen to.

Boston Red Sox Victory Parade Photo by Gail Oskin/Getty Images

Can you ever get enough of Don Orsillo’s presence in the announcer’s booth? He and Jerry Remy had numerous moments that Red Sox Nation will treasure forever and he’s up to his old tricks most nights on the San Diego Padres broadcast.

This time it wasn’t a rogue slice of pizza but a fishing trip that put Orsillo over the top. Do fish bite? Can they spread poison? Well, there’s only one person to ask!

And here’s the fish in question. Good catch by Orsillo? It’s not in the same league as a Mike Trout or Tim Salmon or, uh, Mike Carp...but it’s still a catch!

Enjoy this, Padres fans.