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John Farrell suspended one game for arguing with Bill Miller

The manager will get a mandated day off

MLB: Los Angeles Angels at Boston Red Sox Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

The Red Sox will be without their manager for Tuesday night’s game against the Twins. The league has handed down its punishment for John Farrell’s heated exchange with umpire Bill Miller on Saturday, and they’ve deemed Boston’s manager deserves to sit out for one game.

The argument between Farrell and Miller was the result of a questionable balk call, and it was a fairly wild one. Though, it’s worth noting, it wasn’t the kind that includes manager antics that will be played on Sportscenter for years to come. Instead, it was just a couple of older dudes getting very close to each other’s faces, which was pretty entertaining considering they both had hats on and had to tilt their heads to get as close as possible. Here’s a little bit of the footage in case you missed it.

There were some allegations that Farrell bumped Miller during the exchange, but the former claims he just brushed the umpire accidentally. Either way, Farrell has been punished by the league. He will serve his suspension on Tuesday, and bench coach Gary DiSarcina will be taking over managerial duties for the night. So, for this game at least, people will have to hold off on the Fire Farrell cries.