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Red Sox players falling farther behind in latest All-Star voting

It’s not looking good for starting Red Sox players

MLB: Boston Red Sox at Houston Astros Erik Williams-USA TODAY Sports

This season has been flying by, and we’re already almost at the All-Star break. With Fourth of July weekend coming up this coming weekend, we will also be celebrating the holiday by announcing the All-Star rosters. That, in turn, means it’s almost time to stop voting for the All-Star Game starters. The latest update in voting was released on Monday, and things aren’t looking so hot for Red Sox stars.

Likely the best chance the Red Sox have at someone starting the All-Star game is Mookie Betts, who is currently in sixth place among American League outfielders. It is worth noting that the player in second place, Mike Trout, will likely not be healthy for this game, so Betts would need to get to fourth place to get a starting spot. He is currently a little more than 100,000 votes behind the fourth-place vote-getter Michael Brantley.

Besides Betts, the only other players who made this release are Dustin Pedroia, Xander Bogaerts and Andrew Benintendi. Pedroia is in fifth place and really doesn’t have much of a shot to move any higher than fourth in the voting. Bogaerts is in fourth and has gotten plenty of votes, but unfortunately the American League shortstop class is dynamic this season and he has little hope of catching either Francisco Lindor or Carlos Correa. When voting first started, Benintendi was near the top of the outfield class, but a slump moved him down significantly and he hasn’t recovered. He’s currently eleventh and it would be surprising to see him finish higher than ninth.

All-Star voting is kind of silly, but the whole game is just an exhibition (and finally the rules reflect that) and the competition between fan bases with the voting can be fun. So, go out there and represent Red Sox fans and move these players up in their positional rankings. You can vote here.