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FanPost Friday - What is Your All-Star Game Ballot?

Tell us who you voted for, or are voting for. Remember, vote early, vote often.

Detroit Tigers v Boston Red Sox
Gotta vote Mookie.
Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images

The All-Star Game is around the corner. We’re near enough to the actual event that it’s fairly likely the best players are going to stay the best, at least for a couple more weeks.

Not everyone votes based on who the best players are, though. Sometimes, people prefer to vote for their personal favorites. Sometimes, people just vote every member of their team in (hello Royals and Giants fans). Sometimes, people just vote for wacky players with cult followings because what’s funnier than seeing a player who deserved to make the game be left off the roster?

All-Star voting is serious business people! So this week we officially ask:

What is your current ballot for the All-Star Game? If you vote for just the American League, that’s fine, share that too. Also, please provide a small rationale for each pick.

I’m not going to judge if you choose to vote Pablo Sandoval onto the team. I just ask if you do, that you say “I want all the Red Sox in the All-Star Game” or “I thought it would be funny” or something that helps us understand why you voted the way you did.

I’ll be leaving my All-Star picks in the Flyby, once I get back home from my trip back home! Wish me a safe flight, and I’ll see you all on either Monday or Tuesday (probably the latter).