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The Flyby - The Official Entrants of the OTM Draft Contest

Here are the people eligible to win.

Major League Baseball Draft
While this picture is from 2005, and drafting has gotten a little more efficient, it’s nice to remember what a draft room can look like.
Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

This week’s fly-by will be a little different. Rather than comment on who I think the Sox will draft, and what I think of the various choices, I’m going to just be listing the official entrants from this past week’s contest, and linking their draft profile on various sites. I figure this is the best way to actually tell the uninformed who these players actually are, as my opinion is just one, and I’m hardly a professional scout.

The winner will become apparent, if there is one, tomorrow during the MLB Draft. If one of these entrants wins, they will be messaged. Otherwise, not a thing.

.406 - Tanner Houck

Minor League Ball - Tanner Houck - Tanner Houck (video)

Over The Monster (Matt Collins) - Tanner Houck

gosawks - Bubba Thompson

MLB Daily Dish - Bubba Thompson

Minor League Ball - Bubba Thompson - Bubba Thompson (video)

Theodore Peanut Butter - Nick Allen

fangraphs - Nick Allen (and others)

Minor League Ball - Nick Allen - Nick Allen (video)

South Coast Ghost - Keston Hiura

Minor League Ball - Keston Hiura

MLB Daily Dish - Keston Hiura - Keston Hiura (video)

yuj - Logan Warmoth

Minor League Ball - Logan Warmoth - Logan Warmoth

And that’s it for our participants. Good luck to everyone.

If there is an error with this post, or you feel your submission wasn’t included (I think I got them all, though), then post, ASAP, so I can make a correction. See you all for draft day!