"A" for Acceptable

Depending on what game you're watching, you may think many different things about that Red Sox. One night, you may be thinking "Stop, stop! You don't need to hurt the opposing team anymore!" The next night, you may be thinking "Can't we have some damn run support for once?" Despite the inconsistency of the offense, I'd like to focus more on the pitching. Specifically, Drew Pomeranz. Sure, he hasn't pitched like an All-Star so far, but he's been doing just fine.

In 5 starts this season, Pomeranz has pitched to a ERA of an even 4.00, 11.33 K/9, and a Fielding Independent Pitching of 3.89. The ERA and FIP are merely average, but the strikeouts have certainly been there. I'm not all that surprised about his Ks; Pom has always put up decent strikeout numbers. But the thing about Pomeranz so far is that stats don't really tell the whole story. Not only has the Sox defense been LOL-worthy at times, but Pomeranz has just been looking good.

It's really nice to see the pitching for the Sox come around, as frustrating as it may be in nights where the offense completely disappears. And once David Price comes back, things will be looking good as long as the offense can do things like they've done the past couple of games. (Not that double-digit runs are absolutely nescessary, but they certainly are nice.) I'm certainly not saying that he's Chris Sale or anything like that. What I am saying is that Drew Pomeranz has been a solid pitcher and deserves an "A" for acceptable.