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Lowell Spinners announce Happy Gilmore Night and the price is right

You’re gonna...have fun, clown!

Theme nights can be one of the best times to see a baseball game. Yesterday was Star Wars Night at Fenway Park and today we find out that the Red Sox-affiliated Lowell Spinners are hosting “Happy Gilmore Night” on Tuesday, July 18 with special guest Shooter McGavin! If you’re a fan of the Adam Sandler classic it’s a can’t miss event of the summer.

But what if you say “Happy Gilmore is great but I’m also going to be hungry?” Well, you’re in luck: every Tuesday at LaLacheur Park is Taco Tuesday!

And the price is right: $5 tickets. That’s what unicorn frappuccinos were going for last month.

Whether you want to root for or against the film’s villain, it’s sure to be a fun time.

Will you get out your Bruins jersey and join in the fun?