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Dustin Pedroia leaves Monday’s game with a sprained wrist

Pedroia is hurt.

Seattle Mariners v Boston Red Sox Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images

Dustin Pedroia has been dealing with a sore knee all season, an injury that was exacerbated by the now-infamous Manny Machado slide back in April. The knee seems to be holding up, but on Monday he suffered a wrist injury that caused him to leave the game. The official injury is a sprain of the left wrist.

It was a weird set of circumstances to lead to the injury. In the first inning, Pedroia hit a groundball to Jose Abreu, the White Sox first baseman. Abreu took the ball to the bag himself but had to slide in to beat Pedroia. They reached the bag right around the same time, and Pedroia tumbled over Abreu, apparently landing on his wrist.

It’s unknown at this time how severe this injury could be, as there are likely more tests to be run. It goes without saying that any sort of severe injury would be a big blow to this Red Sox team, particularly without Brock Holt in the fold. It would almost certainly mean Josh Rutledge and/or Deven Marrero playing the position, with a combination of the two handling the spot whenever Pablo Sandoval returns to his spot at third base. Even if Pedroia can play through the injury, it’s probably fair to expect less production at the plate for the longtime Red Sox infielder.

All of this is simply speculation at this point. We’ll keep you updated as more information regarding the injury comes out.

UPDATE: Pedroia is heading back to Boston to have his wrist examined further