MLB's new slogan - "If it ain't broke, break it"

Where did all these concerns about extra inning games being such a burden on the viewing public come from? I concur that extras are a treat and I don't want to see anything changed about them.

If, as a viewer, you signed up to watch 9 innings (or 3 hrs if you're a clock person) and don't want to go beyond that, turn off the tube or leave the park. The choice is in your hands. I don't set limits on my enjoyment of the game I love. Extra innings? Awesome, more of a diversion from everyday life, which is what I feel baseball should be taken as.

An 18 inning game should not be viewed as a burden by MLB. I'm probably not going out on too far of a limb to suggest it created more conversation than if that game had ended after 9. I probably would not have even given it a second thought were that the case and I'm pretty certain many non-regional sites wouldn't have headlined a 9-inning 5-4 MFY/Cubs game in May on their homepage. Honestly, isn't additional exposure what MLB is trying to garner? There are few better ways to get exposure than to highlight the rare occurrences and oddities of the game.

I acknowledge the concerns for players' health. A tired player is more apt to make mistakes which can be dangerous. A player in a foreign situation (ie. out of position) can find themselves in harm's way. To those points, I argue that baseball is not that strenuous of a game to play and these players (yes, even pitchers) are supposed to be athletes.

MLB, I plead with you not to monkey around with baseball overtime. No free baserunners. No ties. No changes. Please leave a good thing alone.