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Watch Manny Ramirez hit his first home run in Japan!

Manny does what Manny does.

Toronto Blue Jays v Boston Red Sox Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

It’s 2017 and Manny Ramirez is still playing baseball, this year for the Kochi Fighting Dogs of the Shikoku Island League. But that hasn’t stopped him from being Manny. The now-44-year-old wearing number 99 just hit his first home run while playing as the team’s DH.

The Fighting Dogs ultimately lost of the Tokushima Indigo Socks, but the accomplishment was taken care of all the same.

Most Sox fans will remember Manny for his 274 home runs in a Boston uniform, including his memorable quest for 500. Relevant to 2017 baseball politics, Manny hit that landmark long ball against the Baltimore Orioles.

Baltimore, of course, was also home to one of the famous “Manny being Manny” moments: high fiving a fan mid-play.

What’s your favorite memory of Manny?