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FanPost Friday - Most Dominant Start?

I fully expect this list to be nothing but Pedro Martinez starts. Surprise me.

Pittsburgh Pirates v Boston Red Sox
Chris Sale was truly ace-like right off the bat for the Red Sox in his first game. There should be much more to come from the perennial Cy Young contender (who has amazingly never won it).
Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

We were treated to an excellent outing this past week by Chris Sale, the shiny new ace in town. This got me thinking, about the last time we had a pitcher that I felt so safe having on the mound. The only name that could really come to mind, in my relatively short fanhood, was that of Pedro Martinez.

Chris Sale reminds me a lot of Pedro, even though they are totally different pitchers, because of the presence they exude on the mound. Outings like that Chris Sale start, while not an everyday occurrence, are more common than terrible ones. And you legitimately believe he can pitch like that every time out, supposedly. Weird.

So today, I ask you a question to answer before Monday, if at all possible:

What singular outing by a starting pitcher (in a Red Sox uniform!) stands out most to you (in a positive way)? It doesn’t need to be the best start by the numbers, but it should be a positive start that resonated with you in some way.

You can write about any start in the history of the Red Sox, provided you were a fan when the pitcher made the start. Tell us about the ins and outs of the outing, was it dominant from start to finish? Were there hiccups? Was there any drama that accentuated the outing (IE - added a storyline that made it all the more compelling)? Tell us any and all background information you can, and treat it as if you were trying to explain to a new Red Sox fan why it is possible to have an ace in Boston (because let’s get real, pitching in Boston can get very bad).

I have six or seven different outings I could write about, so don’t worry about taking mine! And don’t worry about taking anyone else’s, either, what matters is your perspective. It’s possible to have two different perspectives of the exact same game.

See you all on Monday!