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Steve Selsky optioned to make room for Chase d’Arnaud

A little roster shakeup

Atlanta Braves v Arizona Diamondbacks Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

Earlier today, the Red Sox claimed Chase d’Arnaud off waivers to shore up their infield depth. Because teleportation hasn’t yet been invented (I mean, it’s 2017. What’s the wait?), d’Arnaud wasn’t able to join the team for tonight’s game against the Yankees. It looks like he’ll be there for tomorrow’s series-opener against the Cubs, though. Steve Selsky has been optioned to make room on the roster.

As I mention in the linked post above, this was the only logical move to make room for the new utility player. Selsky was kind of useless with the outfield completely healthy, as they already have a superior player in Chris Young to serve as depth who also hits from the same side of the plate as Selsky. The latter may have filled in at third base in a pinch, but that’s far from the best use of his skillset.

d’Arnaud meanwhile can play all over the infield and the Red Sox need some more depth there with Pablo Sandoval and Brock Holt on the disabled list. He also has some experience in the outfield if the team needs a body there in a pinch.

If you are hoping he can be a spark for the offense though....well, look elsewhere. He has a career OPS+ of 65.