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FanPost Friday - How to Fix an Offensive Offense

Welp. Here we are.

Patriots Day - Special Boston Red Carpet Screening
Remember the days when Papi would be the solution to all our problems?
Photo by Scott Eisen/Getty Images for Lionsgate

OK, I won’t blow anybody’s mind with this bit of information, but in case you’ve been living underneath a rock the Red Sox offense is pretty bad right now. This despite having a bunch of hitters who are actually hitting. As I write this, Tanaka just finished a 6th shutout inning, where he has struck out a grand total of two batters.

I’m not exactly sure what can be done to fix this, but we’re Over the Monster, and we don’t give up.

Some relevant stats for you to consider, before making any decisions, the Red Sox have:

  • The third best BA
  • Third best OBP
  • 14th in wRC+
  • the lowest strikeout rate in baseball
  • the fewest home runs in baseball

I figure this is a good starting point for you. So I ask:

What do you do to fix the Red Sox offense? Do you wait it out? If so, explain your reasoning, and be detailed. Do you mash up the lineup, and change things up? Do you change the starters in the lineup? Do you make a trade, free agency acquisition, etc? What is your solution to the offensive woes that have plagued the team?

I ask that you be realistic, but wacky solutions are welcome too. There are a few ground rules that have to be considered, however:

Oakland Athletics v Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
Photo by Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images
  1. You cannot send down players without options, or players who have enough service time to refuse a minor league assignment.
  2. You cannot trade (for or away) players with 10/5 rights, no-trade clauses (full or partial), or players that are franchise cornerstones (this means no Mike Trout, etc.)
  3. You cannot place players at positions they would have no logical way of playing (ie, no putting Christian Vazquez at third base. Why you’d do that, I have no idea, but I’m covering this anyways).

I think this is enough to give you a good jumping off point.

I look forward to seeing what you come up with. See you for the Flyby!