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FanPost Friday - Give Me Something to Believe In

The season, both for the major leagues, and the minor leagues, is underway. After nearly two weeks of play, it may make sense to have a new hope vessel.

Tampa Bay Rays v Boston Red Sox
Andrew Benintendi gives me hope, but he’s not eligible in the topic this week. Gotta try a little harder than that.

With the major league club performing, despite the lack of health on the team, we turn our attention from the business as usual Red Sox, and look towards our future. Last week, we asked how you would handle a catching situation, and this week, we’re asking you who you believe in, in the minor leagues.

There are a lot of good choices up and down the system, there’s the obvious names like Rafael Devers, who has been murdering the baseball in the early going in Portland (.375/.390/.550), Jason Groome (who struggled in 1.1 innings to start his professional career before leaving with an injury), and Bobby Dalbec, who keeps looking more like a monster every time I see them.

There are also lesser known prospects, guys outside the consensus top 10-20 guys. Ben Taylor, until his latest demotion, was being extremely effective against major league hitting. Shaun Anderson is striking everybody out at Greenville. Aneury Tavarez, claimed by the Orioles in the Rule 5 Draft, and since returned, has done well in Portland, early on.

Pittsburgh Pirates v Baltimore Orioles
Aneury Tavarez certainly qualifies, even though he wasn’t an option for the community voting.
Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

So today, in the sea of hot shot Red Sox prospects (which does exist, despite trading so many of them away), we ask you to identify your hope for the future.

Which Red Sox prospect is your hope for the future? That is to say, which Red Sox prospect do you believe to be underrated or on the verge of a breakout into the top 10 of the farm system?

Now, if you are particularly observant, we ask you to identify a player who could be on the verge of a breakout into the top 10, which means they cannot already be in the top 10.

Because prospect lists vary and differ, we’re not going to say you can’t use other sites top 10s. For the sake of this prompt, we will be using the community rankings. Because Benintendi is basically graduated (or about to be), we’ll move everyone up a spot, and say you cannot use any of that top 10 or Josh Ockimey (who is the current #11).

So, here’s your chance. Make your case, and explain why a particular player was underrated by the community. Champion a good case, so that when they break out, we can all see how brilliant your eyes as a scout are.

See you all at the Flyby!