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MLB unveils Red Sox special event hats and jerseys for 2017

This year weekends are celebrated rather than single days.

The Red Sox 2017 Mother’s Day hat
Courtesy MLB

On Tuesday, Major League Baseball revealed the designs of hats and jerseys that will be worn on special event days during the 2017 season. While the Red Sox always don a special look for a given holiday, this year there’s a new twist: holiday weekends or surrounding days are celebrated with the special uniforms in addition to the day itself.

Mother’s Day

The Red Sox are at home playing the Tampa Bay Rays over Mother’s Day weekend. On Saturday May 13th and Sunday May 14th the team will swap red for a set of pink-infused caps and jerseys.

Mother’s Day hat
Courtesy MLB
Mother’s Day jersey front
Courtesy MLB

Proceeds from the sale of the special uniforms will be donated to the Susan G. Komen Foundation and Stand Up to Cancer.

Father’s Day

If the Sox trading red for pink seems a little subtle, swapping all the colors in the Boston hat for powder blue is definitely not. The Red Sox will be on the road facing the Houston Astros, so we’ll only get road grays on May 17th and 18th.

Father’s Day hat
Courtesy MLB
Father’s Day jersey front
Courtesy MLB

Proceeds will benefit the Prostate Cancer Foundation and Stand Up to Cancer.

Memorial Day

The Memorial Day look will be worn from Saturday May 27th through Monday May 29th. Over the weekend, the Sox will face the Mariners while wearing their green jerseys and caps with stars and camouflaged brims. Of course, the team hits the road to take on the White Sox in Chicago so we’ll actually get to see home and away jerseys.

Memorial Day hat
Courtesy MLB
Memorial Day jersey (home and away)
Courtesy MLB

Teams will participate in the National Moment of Remembrance on Memorial Day.

Independence Day

The Red Sox will be on the road for ID4 and will don a hat and jersey complete with star-infused lettering in both the cap “B” and shirt “Boston.” This uniform will recieve the longest look: July 1-4.

Independence Day hat
Courtesy MLB
Independence Day jersey front
Courtesy MLB

Home Run Derby/All-Star Game

The 2017 MLB All-Star Game is in Miami and the hats and jerseys for the game itself (July 11) and the Home Run Derby the day before reflect a bit of Marlins flare.

Home Run Derby hat
Courtesy MLB

The All-Star Game logo on the side of the cap and sleeve, as well as the star featured in “American” bear the bright Marlins colors. The entire American League will wear this jersey for the Derby, differentiated by a patch on the left sleeve specific to their MLB team.

Home Run Derby jersey
Courtesy MLB

On Tuesday, participants in the All-Star Game will wear their normal uniform jersey with one alteration: a patch on the left sleeve featuring a black and gold star with a number in the middle representing how many All-Star appearances that player has. If, for example, Chris Sale makes the team, he will have a star with the number six inside it.

The ASG hats are slightly different for each team - the Red Sox have a more muted shade of blue with white lettering. The holes on top of the hat? Why yes, they’re stars.

All-Star Game hat
Courtesy MLB

With the emphasis on making special uniforms last more than one day the All-Star Game is the glaring omission, retiring the Home Run Derby league-specific uniforms after that event. Is it time for players to wear a league jersey in the ASG rather than their team?