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Celebrate National Cereal Day with Coco Crisp and the Red Sox

It’s National Cereal Day and the Red Sox have something of a breakfast legacy.

Boston Red Sox v Oakland Athletics Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

Among the wacky and weird holidays, National Cereal Day falls somewhere below National Coffee Day, Star Wars Day, and National Doughnut Day (although there are two of these - one in each of June and November). Come March however and we’re looking for more baseball as spring training whets our appetite and the regular season is still a month away. Thankfully, baseball and cereal do have some overlap.

Who can forget when David Ortiz helped Coco Crisp take his nickname to its ultimate conclusion?

Did you know that Justin Verlander, back in Dave Dombrowski’s Detroit Tigers days, had his own cereal? Roger Clemens could have had one filled with little rockets. If only...

The cereal synonymous with sports is Wheaties - and the Red Sox are no strangers to having their players grace the cover. It’s a legacy that goes back to Jimmie Foxx and Ted Williams. After the 2004 World Series, the Sox got not one but two covers!

David Ortiz, who kept the ALCS run alive with his late-inning heroics.

And Pedro Martinez, possibly the greatest pitcher to ever live.

Ok, here’s another set of pictures from the Ortiz and Crisp photo shoot. Big Papi was so much fun.

Could there be a Red Sox themed cereal about other players: Jim Rice Krispies? Mike Lowell O’s? A Mookie Betts cereal with marshmallow bowling balls and pins? What do you think?