My Thoughts on the WBC

The main goal of the World Baseball Classic is to make the game of baseball more popular worldwide. That has been something the MLB has been working towards for a while now, but it's been mostly domestic. As OOLF said in the original post, people in other parts of the world don't get to see games on a regular basis, so this is one of their few chances to see MLB players. However, because of injury risk and the stories we've heard about players not being the same after competing in the WBC, I'm not quite fond of it. But I have an idea that would help popularize baseball, without the added risk of players being injured.

With MLB.TV, you can watch every regular season MLB game from anywhere in the world… for $113 a year. Someone in another country who has maybe only seen a few baseball games on TV would obviously not buy MLB.TV. As I said before, the intent of the WBC is to make the game more popular, but that's hard to do with only a month of baseball games every four years.

What I suggest is that the MLB signs contracts with major broadcasting networks worldwide to broadcast a few games a week during the season. This way, people that previously have not been exposed to the game can watch several games throughout the season. This not only lets baseball fans from other countries watch, it can also make more people fans of the game. With more fans around the globe, people will want to see more games, which leads to more MLB.TV subscriptions, which leads to more moolah for the MLB. Additionally, many players chose not to participate in the WBC because if the previously mentioned injury risks. With more accessible televised games, people can see more of the star players who chose not to compete in the WBC.

All in all, I don't really like the World Baseball Classic because it makes MLB players chose between risking injury to play for their country or staying safe and opting to only play for their team. This might be a reasonable idea for the MLB knowing that they have been trying to attract more fans. Even if the WBC is evil, the general idea certainly isn't.